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Alright, so let's get the obvious out of the way...  You're not Denzel Washington, Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp or Angelina Jolie; P Diddy, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna or Michael Jackson.  No, you're not famous ... not yet.  However, you do have the talent, and you have your content ready to show; you just need a few more things like a nationwide audience, fans, and money in the bank.

We know you're doing all the right things.  You're leveraging social media networks like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter.  You're posting samples of your work on YouTube and you have a Wikipedia page and a blog.  Every week, you're contacting agencies and studios and submitting your work to all the right people.  But, you're still waiting.  And, you can continue just to wait, or you can start building your audience and increase your marketability while you wait for your big break.

You'd be Surprised Who's Leveraging Wisecast
Artists, Musicians, Actors, Marketers, Directors, Studios, Churches, Screenwriters, Comedians,
Newscasters, Singers, Performers, Play writers and people everywhere are finding value in Wisecast.

Yes, it's Secure.  Wisecast Television is not some low-security website that allows users to freely post illegal, free copies of your content.  It is an extended private digital network.  Whether you are broadcasting a film, video, or music album, viewers are restricted from copying or capturing your content in 3rd party hacker programs.  Click here  for more information on how we protect your copyrights.
Yes, it's Nationwide. Viewers access your show on Wisecast Television from coast-to-coast and on the go -- anywhere they have an internet connection.  And, yes we've even tested it on broadband wireless and it's all good.

Yes, You Get Paid.  Earn royalties from localized advertising.  If you have a half-hour show, that's 32 commercial slots.  Imagine getting a percentage of each spot sold--times 50 states.  The earning potential is good.  Help spread the word about your show and earn commissions from Wisecast Television Software sales.

Yes, it Works.  Your goal is to land a big deal or get on a major network the old fashion way.  Our goal is to help get you there.  Sure, you can put your hopes in YouTube, and maybe one day, the right person may notice, or you can catapult your way to success now, leveraging the power of Wisecast.  While you are building up your nationwide audience, you can continue working to gain exposure with the right people in Hollywood, the music industry, television or wherever your next step is, only you'll have a world-class presentation of your work onscreen in living color.  We won't hold you hostage either.  Once your success increases on Wisecast, we'll use our resources to help your find an opportunity and even broker the deal if necessary.

The Process is Simple

Complete the required forms and submit the standard agreement along with a high-quality copy of your media content.  For multi-show platform, see submission guidelines in the agreement.  This resource contains format specifications and all other information required for submission.
We take your content and prepare it for insertion in the Ethan 6.7 Broadcasting Network. If you have not identified a channel you want your show to air on, we will work with our channel owners to find a home for you and get you into a time slot that works for everyone.
This step is very important.  Understand, we make money by having fantastic, seat-gripping, heart-warming content on our network.  You make money when we make money, but it's not just about the money.  Be the secret weapon in building a large audience.  You are the best person to market your show, connect with fans and make yourself attractive to the big networks.

Content Submission Package
Click here  to send a brief discription of your work(s).  A TV Network Coordinator will contact you and provide the submission package and instructions for submitting your content to Wisemen Motion Picture Studios.
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