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Why own a Channel?

There are many reasons to own a channel on any platform whether TV, radio or the internet.  Having your voice heard and allowing people around the country to experience your vision, talent and creativity should be at the top of the list.  Successful people from all different backgrounds are looking for new ways to have voice heard.

After 25 years of daytime television success, Oprah Winfrey, the highest paid TV entertainer in history, announced the end of the Oprah Show and her planned launch of the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). 

When Barbara Walters asked Winfrey why, she replied, "I believe people deserve to have value-centered inspirational programming for themselves. I believe that television has become banal, it has become insipid—not all of it. But I think that I have something to offer."

Oprah's Right... TV has become insipid.  And, what about you?  Well, you're not insipid at all are you?  You're not a "YouTuber" uploading for fun.  You don't make silly 2 minute videos and post them to an oversaturated free social network in hopes of getting 500,000 hits.  You're a broadcaster ... an artist ... a businessperson.  And -- just like Oprah -- you have something to offer. 

If you're already rich and famous, you'd probably have a deal with a major network.  If not, then you need the opportunity to showcase your capabilities ... Wisecast presents that opportunity in a no nonsense way.

Understanding Your Opportunity
The Wisemen Multimedia Company developed a powerful system that connects entertainers and business owners to resources and opportunities.  We built the Ethan 6.7 Broadcasting Network and its client, Wisecast Television, to serve as a pre-launch platform for young emerging writers, artists, producers, and directors.  We encourage them to leverage the power of our unique full-service broadcasting system to connect with viewers and gain fans, earn royalties from their work, and prepare for their launch into traditional radio, television and/or the big screen. We're not here to replace television or take over Hollywood.  We're working to highlight the thousands of creative souls in America who have not and may not see a real opportunity unless they receive the digital exposure boost and rights protection they'll experience with Wisecast.

The WMC Broadcaster
Wisecast is not a self-service, self-publishing website for amateurs.  Wisecast is a multi-channel platform.  As a WMC Broadcaster, you own one or more channels on Wisecast, a national broadcast enhanced with a proprietary local advertising engine.  Your voice and message is heard when you build a programming lineup that defies the very nature of insipid television, bringing viewers the best of new actors, musicians, artists, directors, writers and more.  Your vision for your channel will attract rising superstars, and together, we will change the way people get entertainment forever.

The WMC Broadcast Model

Security & Copyright Protection First!
We support cracking down on piracy

Wisecast Television is secure.  Our Director of Technology and Lead Developer has extensive experience investigating Signal Piracy for the FBI and it shows in our design.  Digital pirates are restricted from accessing our broadcasts and making illegal copies of your content.  No content is cached or even made available to viewers outside our proprietary Wisecast Television software , which is encrypted, obfuscated, master-locked and token protected.  For more information on how we achieve this level of security, click the image on the right.

Getting Down to Brass Tacks

Owning a Wisecast Channel means owning a business.  If you don't already have a company (a legal entity) you'll need to build one.  As an owner and WMC Broadcaster, we expect you to turn a profit.  When your company makes money, we make money.  It's important to know right from the start, this is not a get rich quick scheme.  It's a solid business model with good earning potential. 

So, How Much?
  • Operating a single channel;
  • With showtime and advertising sales in only one state;
  • At a performance level of approximately 40% (meaning only 40% of available slots sold);
  • After expenses and royalties have been paid...
We anticipate you will have:

$    4 Million Revenue
$ 2.7 Million Expenses                    
$ 1.3 Million Profit (approx. 32.5%)

Note: You gain profit by increasing performance above 40% and/or expanding sales for advertising to more than one state.

How You Get There

The Math Behind the Projections

We don't need to trick you into owning a channel.  We do however need you to be prepared for success.  So, we are providing a detailed overview of the WMC Broadcasting Model.

There are two (2) primary ways for WMC Broadcasters to generate revenue.  By selling broadcasting time / showtime and selling commercial advertising slots.

The following table illustrates our Showtime breakdown by "Daypart".  Dayparts are divisions of a 24-hour day for scheduling commercials.  See figure 1 and the corresponding table field definitions below:

Figure 1: Showtimes by Daypart

1. Daypart - standard divisions of a 24-hour day. 
2. Start - Start time for the Daypart
3. End - End time for the Daypart
4. Showtime Min/Hr & Day - The total amount of time available for Showtimes per hour and the total for the day

The following table shows the total time for commercials, number of slots available, cost and revenue.  See Figure 2 below:

Figure 2: Commercial Slots and Daily Revenue by Daypart

1. Commercial Minutes per Hour - total number of minutes available per hour.
2. Commercial Time - The total amount of time available for commercials for each daypart.
3. 30 Second Slots - Total number of 30 second commercial slots available for each daypart
4. Cost Per Slot (CPC) - The price per slot per daypart for commercial advertising
5. Ad Revenue - The total potential revenue per daypart per day

Our conservative projection is based on sales performance of only 40%.  We hope you exceed this level of performance; however, we believe it's reasonable to assume a minimum 40% performance level.  So, at 40% performance and an average Media Price of $99 per show, we expect you to generate approximately $1,386 in Media revenue and $9,574 in Advertising revenue daily.

The following is a 1-year snapshot of your projected profit and loss, including expenses:

Figure 3: 1-year Profit & Loss Snapshot

Ad Fee:
A standard fee we charge you to put an ad on the network.  You don't have to buy in blocks or buy in advance.  When you sell an ad, you pay to place it--that's it. 

Agent Commission Fee: Varies based on your agreement with your sales staff.  Increasing their commission will reduce your profit.  We recommend you hire commission-only sales agents. 

Show Fee: Similar to the Ad Fee.  When you sell Media / Showtime, you pay a standard fee, a percentage of the Media fee to insert the show into the network. 

Estimated Royalty Rate: The fee you pay to content owners to air their content on your Channel.  This fee will vary based on your negotiations with the content owner, and may be different for each agreement you make. 

Network Fee:  The software and network licensing fee you pay to own and operate your Channel.
Together, the Ad Fee, Show Fee, Agent Commission, Royaltly Payments and Network Fee represent your expenses.  If you employ additional paid staff, you will need to factor their wages and benefits into your profit and loss estimates.  Remember, this projection is for one channel, with only one state of advertisements and media / show time, at a performance level of only 40%.

Online Readiness Check
If you are interested in becoming a WMC Broadcaster / Channel Owner, complete the Online Readiness Check.  We will review your submission and get back with you as soon as possible.  Click here.

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