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An overview of the NPO Spotlight Channel, Fact Sheet and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).


Submission Package
Video Production Guidelines and Broadcast Permission Agreement


The mission of the NPO Spotlight Channel is to tell the stories of non-profit organizations and academic institutions, delivering timely and accurate information and news about charitable and other worthy causes, to educate, empower and entertain the public and to rally support for non-profit and academic programs around the world.


NPO Spotlight airs the informational and educational messages and stories of the respected non-profit organizations and charities that are providing solutions relative to the world's needs.  The programming must be primarily informational and educational in nature.  Our goal is to air the best non-profit and academic programming available to us.

For more information on how your non-profit or school can submit programming, download the NPO Spotlight "Backgrounder" (PDF) on the right.  To submit your programming, download the "Submission Package" (PDF) on the right.

How it works

The Wisecast Multimedia Company ("WMC") is committed to supporting worthy causes and plans to donate more than $1 million dollars annually in air time and technology to non-profits and academic institutions, including K-12 schools, colleges and universities.  In 2011, WMC pledged $300,000 for the next 5 years in a Master Broadcasting License Agreement to HSFA, an IRS Certified public 501c3 organization, which now controls 3 Wisecast Television channels, including NPO Spotlight Channel 104.  HSFA is charged with ensuring non-profits and academic institutions have free and unrestricted access to broadcast air time on Wisecast Television and expand their reach.

NPO Spotlight is a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, commercial free broadcast channel.  Although HSFA controls the NPO Channel, WMC is committed to marketing and advertising the channel as if it were our own to make sure the more than 1 million non-profits in America and millions more around the world will have their voice heard.


Traditional commercial advertising is not permitted on NPO Spotlight; however, NPO Spotlight is permitted to recognize the support of various donors and sponsors (in accordance with the "PBS" model).  Program sponsorship is accepted and encouraged.  HSFA actively seeks sponsorship and grant opportunities. Corporations, individuals and grant making foundations or institutions interested in sponsoring the NPO Spotlight Channel and its programming should contact HSFA by calling 1-877-859-6850 or emailing
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