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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
What is Wisecast Television?
Wisecast Television is a Hybrid Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) system. It's like Cable TV without the cable. 

Wisecast connects you to 5 types of broadcasts:
  • WMC Digital Stamdard and High Definition (HD) Broadcasts
  • Wisecast On Demand
  • WCM Choice Music
  • Courtesy Channels (multi-format)

Do I need any special equipment?

No special equipment is required to enjoy Wisecast Television; however, you may opt to purchase a FlickerBox, which connects Wisecast Television to your HDTV, or any other optional devices, e.g., tablet PCs, etc.

I'm having trouble using the software.  Where can I go to get help?

Contact us at

What are the minimum requirements to enjoy Wisecast Television?
  • Microsoft Windows 7 32-bit or 64-bit/
  • 1GB RAM Recommended
  • A display with a minimum 1024 x 768 Resolution
  • High-speed / broadband internet connection, i.e., cable modem (2MBps or higher recommended)
Is Wisecast Television really free?
YES! Wisecast Television broadcasts really are free. There are no connection charges, no monthly or annual fees, and we plan to keep it this way. You do need our software to access programming. There is a one-time licensing fee per device (Desktop, laptop, etc). Basically, you buy the software, install it and enjoy it. Click here  to get access. Rates and equipment options may vary based on location and availability..

I want the Wisecast Flickerbox.  When can I buy one? 
Very soon! The Wisecast FlickerBox is currently being tested with a long list of television hardware to ensure compatibility and guarantee high performance.  We plan to launch the Wisecast Flickerboxes as soon as testing is complete and will release them based on regional demand.  If you are interested in purchasing a FlickerBox, we recommend you start with the PC version of Wisecast Television  so you can enjoy Wisecast today and learn all its features.  Then, send us a note using our  online Contact Form   and we will add you to the FlickerBox pre-release notification list.

Will all channels and titles be free to view?

If we had it our way, the simple answer would be yes, but it's not quite that simple. As we expand our library there will be channels and/or titles that are not free based on certain broadcast agreements.

Where does your content come from?  Do users upload and share content?  
Users never upload content.  Wisecast is different from many online video websites in two ways: 1.) we do not post content to the internet; and 2.) our content, whether music or motion picture, is licensed via blanket public performance licensing (where available) or with direct permission from the copyright holder.  We provide entertainment, but we also work hard to protect copyrights and fight signal piracy.

Is Wisecast Television a real opportunity for new artists and producers? 
Yes.  Our revenue sharing model puts money in your pocket and gives you the chance to grow a large audience.  Wisecast Television was designed to highlight emerging artists, producers, directors and entertainers, who are supported by advertisement revenue.

How much does it cost to access the WCM Choice Music Channels? 
All WCM Choice Music Channels are broadcast free to the public and are accessible interactively through Wisecast On Demand.

How is Wisecast HDTV different from YouTube and similar web sites?

These sites offer a "Search-Point-and-Click" streaming experience. From their websites, you find a video clip or show you want to view, click on it and watch. Wisecast is a full-featured, high-quality television broadcasting service, providing an entertainment experience similar to Cable and Satellite Television without installation costs or monthly fees.

Why is Wisecast HDTV different from Apple TV™, Google TV™, FloTV™, WebTV™, etc?
These offerings ALL require additional hardware/equipment. Wisecast Television Software doesn’t. Some of them also require you to pay at a monthly recurring charge to access programming.

Can I watch Wisecast Television on a regular TV?
Yes. If you have the proper video out connection on your device that's compatible with your TV, you can enjoy Wisecast on your regular TV.  When the Wisecast FlickerBox is ready, you'll be able to connect it directly to your TV and use its remote control to access all features and programming.

How big of a screen can I use with Wisecast Television and still get a good picture. 
The picture you see on any channel or broadcast depends on the source of the media.  Some shows or movies are recorded in high-definition (HD) while others are not.  Wisecast supports full 1080p HD.  Wisecast Television utilizes a 10-foot UI and is designed for exhibition on a full-size movie theater screen.  For home use, if you have enough bandwidth, you can experience broadcasts the way the creator intended you to.

How many machines canHow many devices, i.e., PCs, laptops, etc., can I install Wisecast Television software on?
Like most commercial software, Wisecast offers a single-user license. You may install Wisecast on as many machines as you like; however, you must purchase a full licensed copy.  Click here  to get access

Where is Wisecast Television available?
Wisecast Television iWisecast Television is available anywhere there is a broadband internet connection. Some channels and broadcasts may not be available in all areas. Check the lineup to find out what programming is available in your area. Currently, due to licensing restrictions, Wisecast Television services is only available to U.S. customers; however, we are currently working abroad to extend our digital private network to other countries as soon as possible.  If you are outside the U.S. and are interested in Wisecast Television service, please join our mailing list so we can notify you of our deployment schedule.  Join our mailing list

What are "Courtesy Channels"?
Courtesy channels include programs broadcasted by 3rd parties.  These are in many cases programs viewable using your web browser.  Wisecast brings these channels to you as a convenience for your viewing pleasure.  However, we have no control over content, availability, volume, recordings or anything else associated with these programs.  They are subject to removal from our lineup at any time, for any reason and without notice.  For questions regarding "Courtesy Channel" practices visit

What's a Virtual What's a Virtual Hard Disk Drive (vHDD)
Wisecast Television offers DVR service for WMC Broadcast Channels only.  Again, we control WMC Broadcast channels, but we don't control courtesy channels, so we do not provide DVR service for them.  DVR service is available now.  Traditional Personal Recorders or DVR systems utilize your Hard Drive to store shows and movies.  However, Wisecast Television DVR leverages WMC's proprietary Virtual Hard Disk Drive, which allows your software to take advantage of storage space in our world-class datacenter.  DVR service, including vHDDs up to 1TB max are available for a one-time fee based on the size of the vHDD you need.  A 20GB vHDD comes standard the purchase of a Wisecast Television Digital Starter Package.

What happened to the 7-day FREE trial?
The free trial period is over now; however, you may be able to access a discounted version of the software.  Check the home page of our website or check in with our channel owners to see if you are eligible for a discount.

Who is WMC LLC?
WMC LLC is the Wisemen Multimedia Company, a full-service entertainment company and the creator of Wisecast Television software and the Ethan 6.7 Broadcasting Service Network

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