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Broadcaster Online Readiness Check
Wisecast Television's Online Readiness Check for Broadcasters 

The Wisecast Television Broadcaster program allows individuals and organizations to become "Network Owners". Our Network Owners are licensed to control and operate one or more channels on the Ethan 6.7 Broadcasting Network platform. This is not like a self-broadcasting service like YouTube. Instead, being a Network Owner and operating a channel is the equivalent of you owning and operating CBS, NBC or Fox on network television.

We are seeking individuals and entities capable of supporting daily operations from licensing to programming, subscriber support and commercial advertisement sales. There are several ways to earn revenue by being a Network Owner, including commercial advertisement sales, Pay Per View, splash ads and channel subscription fees. If you are interested in becoming a Network Owner, submit your Readiness Check to us and we will follow-up with you regarding your interest in joining the Wisecast Television lineup.

Please complete the form below and submit your responses to us. Remember to respond truthfully. No single response will disqualify you from submitting. We evaluate each submission for merit on a case-by-case basis.


First Name:*   
Last Name:*   
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Organization Information

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HINT: You may want to prepare your responses in MS Word or Notepad and copy and paste them into the fields below.
* - All fields are required.  If a question is not applicable, enter N/A
1. How many years of broadcasting and/or business ownership experience do you have?  Describe your experiences in broadcasting and/or business.  If you have acting and/or directing/producing experience, please describe that as well.

2. I understand the difference between broadcasting and self-publishing (YouTube, USTREAM, etc), and I want to offer a uniqe channel that is as entertaining and informative as a channel on network or cable TV, e.g., MTV, CNN, CBS, FOX, etc.
3. I have more than two (2) years of financials for my business operations ready for submission.
4. My current cash flow will support a licensing fee ranging between $5K and $25K monthly.
5. You will need to have access to experienced individuals who can support the operation of a 24 x 7, 365 days per year TV channel in a leadership, staff, intern, volunteer capacity.  Explain in detail how you plan to support a TV station operation.

6. My annual revenue / income more than $1 million annually.
7. I have or can obtain commercial general liability insurance.

8. You'll need to have access to or can gain access to a variety of motion pictures / content that you can license directly with the licensor for broadcast on your channel.  How do you plan to license your content?

9. I understand the concept of paying royalties to artists and revenue sharing with content owners and have the accounting experience / resources to accurately disburse payment to them.

10. I have the ability to develop original programming for broadcast and maintain industry standards and compliance.

11. Commercial advertising sales is the primary revenue generator for Network Owners.  You will need to have access to a competent, highly motivated, results-driven sales force to sell commercial advertisements or a media sales agency.  Describe the sales resources you have available or tell us how you plan to engage sales agents.

12. You'll need to create a network and channel lineup proposal / business plan, including an initial content plan for board for consideration.  Describe in detail your experience in creating a business plan and a budget.

13. Owning a Network will require some technical ability and experience with motion picture editing, etc.  Describe your technical ability or how you will address technology requirements.

14. Media / Press / Public Relations is paramount for Network Owners.  Describe how you will get the word out about the programming you will offer on your Network.

15. What is the theme of your Network.  Describe in detail the type of content you wish to broadcast, the theme of the channels and the audiences you will target.  Include things like if you will have content for kids, political content, public service, mature audiences (TV-MA / Adult), etc.  This is the most important question, so spare no detail(s).



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